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Resurge One

released 2012-01-30

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1. Thomey Bors - Zarpamp311.36 MB
2. Synaptic Flow - Akihabara Funkmp313.19 MB
3. No Sense - Money Bluesmp316 MB
4. Tony Bar - Sex Crimes Unitmp316.7 MB
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Four newcomers to the netlabel in four original tracks on this new This Side Up release. Traveling from Greece to the United States and all the way back to Berlin, this transatlantic EP delivers prime house music. Thomey Bors, on his debut track release, provides the big, fast-paced opener Zarpa, a detroit influenced driving piece with a distinctive lead bassline, and hands it over to Synaptic Flow who delivers a loop based hypnotic dub tech number based on solid drums and a square bass. No Sense sings the Athens' Money Blues, a steady tech house tool with a big bassline and spoken vox, while Tony Bar, coming from releases on Serialism & Release Sustain, wraps up the package with his abstract groove Sex Crimes Unit, a track of original aesthetics and sequencing.

Track 1 w+p by Thomey Bors, 2011, Home, Greece.
Track 2 w+p by Brian Foster, 2011, Chattanooga, TN, USA.
Track 3 w+p by Roman Svirsky, 2011, Athens, Greece.
Track 4 w+p by Anthony Constans, 2011, Berlin, Germany.
Mastered by Dimitri Barnias at Diapason Studio, 2012, Crete, Greece.