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The Podcast

This Side Podcast

This Side Music heads, Lee Fraged & Linny Berret present a series of selected dj mixes from their archives. Old and new material on a non-regular basis that cover a wide range of electronic music.

This Side Podcast

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Episode Four

Legendary DJ Joe Montana on a live mix for This Side Music.

Episode Three

A part of a 2 hour set by Lee Fraged for the Revise night at Vazaki bar (12/6/2014).

Episode Two

Black Lust (aka nyiotis) on the track selection along with Linny Berret on the edits and mix give their own spin on hip-hop/jazz/funk, especially for the "Lust" series of cd's.

Episode One

Linny Berret explores diverse themes throughout this loosely mixed set. Compiled in 2003, this is the first and one of the most loved in a series of cd's handed out back in the "Lust" days. The cd version included a cheeky track edit hidden before the start.